Way to Protect Your Gear?

Happy Christmas everyone!

Father Christmas had a few surprises for me, so I need to take a few pictures of my new lenses today and submit them to Lenstag.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but I’ve started registering my photo gear at http://www.Lenstag.com . I came across that website while reading photo pages on Flipboard. Several months ago, there was an article about a new website that aims to “prevent the resale of stolen cameras, lenses & video equipment”. It makes easy for unfortunate photographers to inform Internet that their gear has got stolen. Also, it allows the potential buyers check if the item they’re interested in has been reported as stolen. Continue reading


Exercise 1 & 4: Editing

Since the photo session with my friend did not go exactly according to plan, I took more pictures than I intended to. I decided that I try to use Exercise 4: Editing, to deal with the pictures from that photo session. Also, I decided to try out a new application on my iPad. I’d heard so many times that Photosmith was a fantastic app to rate the pictures.

I was put off getting Photosmith immediately by its high price and low ratings. However, the app had been updated recently and the new version started getting good reviews. Also, there was a temporary price reduction. I used the moment and got the app. It was easy to sync it with my computer.
After uploading pictures from the memory card to my hard drive and the backup drive and tagging them with a few standard tags using my “DPP-Exercise” preset, I created two collections. One collection was a standard collection for the pictures taken for a specific task ( in that case), the other collection was necessary for transferring required pictures to my iPad. Then I published the second collection (45 pictures) using Photosmith’s publishing service for Lightroom to my iPad. My next steps were completed on my iPad. Continue reading

A New Challenge for My Creativity

It seems that I lost my interest in photography. Although, I’m still collecting articles to read later, I don’t read them. Although, I’m planning new pictures, I don’t take them. Although, I’m getting new videos to watch, I keep putting off watching until,  er, tomorrow.

A few years ago, I did a project 52 in a very creative and supportive group on Flickr. It was interesting to take a theme based picture every week because it was interesting to see the pictures taken by other members. There was a different theme each week, so it was a good challenge for me and my creativity. I think it might be a good idea to do this project again, so I’ve become a member of this group again. Now, I’m thinking what abstract picture I can take for Week 1.

Exercise 1 – Finally Ticked Off.

DPP-P1-Ex1-Final Two-508184
DPP: Workflow, Ex. 1

Things often fail to go according to plans, but if you really committed to your plans, you can see them through, eventually. I planned my portrait photo session sometime in the middle of November, but several times either my friend, who kindly agreed to be my model, or I had to put it off. Once I even had to cancel our photo session on our way to the location. (After dropping our children at school, my friend and I headed off to the location, discussing some aspects of the photo shoot, when I got a phone call from my son’s school and had to go back. ) When Christmas was only a week away, I started thinking that it might be a good idea to use a different model to complete the task. Anyway, there was no chance to find anyone else before Christmas, so I tried to use the last week of the school term.

It looked like the weather was still not on my side. It was very rainy on Monday and Tuesday. It quieten down a bit on Wednesday, but there was a school show for the parents that afternoon. Luckily, there was a break in the weather on Thursday and we both were relatively free in the morning. Continue reading

Whizzing through

I think since December 2012, I’ve been analysing my digital workflow and thinking as to how it’s possible to improve it. I made a few improvements, but still there are a lot to work on.  The exercises from the first part of “Digital Photographic Practice” encourage the students to pay attention to their workflow and come up with a better one.

The first thing, I wanted to improve was the process of  the first review. I’ve noticed  that after my pictures uploaded onto the computer they hardly ever get properly tagged. They gets a few very general tags while uploading onto the computer thanks to a custom preset, but they hardly get any content related tags unless I deal with  pictures from a single task. Continue reading

Finding Myself

“… set yourself free for your own sake; gather and save your time, which till lately has been forced from you, or filched away, or has merely slipped from your hands”

Letters from a Stoic [Annotated] by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There was a wonderful time when I could not even imagine a day without reading a book. I could forget about the time and spend hours reading page after page. I could read the same book several times in the same year. I got my copy of the fifth Harry Potter book just an hour after midnight and finished reading it well before noon.

Continue reading

Notebook Magic

I could never image how it could be important for me to have the kind of right notebook for my learning log. When I started doing my first course at the OCA, I got a few notebooks, but, for some reason, I did not like writing in any of my them. Their pages were too white, or the lines were too blue, or the notebooks were too hard or they were too soft and so on. I ended up with a mess of  digital notes in my learning log.

This time I was going to to use a few tried and tested apps on my iPad to keep a digital learning log only. However, I’ve found a notebook I love. Continue reading

My Prior Workflow Experience

I can’t remember when I heard about a photographer’s workflow for the first time.  There was so many articles about different aspects of it on the web. A simple search of my e-mail told me that the first article on a workflow I might’ve read was on the 3th June 2010. It was the article by “Streamline Your Workflow – Getting the Most out of LR ” by Elizabeth Halford. Continue reading

Important Decision

Only a week ago, I was in two minds about my next course. There were two courses equally appealing to me: “Understanding Visual Culture” and “People & Place”. Before committing to one of them, I had a look at the courses at Level 2 to see where I would go next. Seeing that one of the courses (“Progressing with Digital Photography”) linked with a course on Level 1, I had a better look at “Digital Photographic Practice” (DPP): its content and learning outcomes.

Working on my first course (TAoP) at the OCA, I realised that I really needed to create a good workflow to be able to deal with the rapidly increased amount of pictures on my hard drive. Also, I needed to find an effective way to back up all my pictures and to make this process a part of my workflow. Also, I realised that I needed to learn more about printing to be able consistently get a good print from my first attempt.

The learning outcomes of DPP looked much more useful for me at that moment than the learning outcomes of the other two courses, so I made my mind and now I’m waiting for my course materials to arrive.