Part 1: Workflow


  1. A Sequence of Actions (My Prior Workflow Experience)
    1. Your Own Workflow 1 (20 +)
    2. Your Own Workflow 2
    3. Histograms (3/9)Editing (50+) Exercise 1 & 4: Editing.

Reflections & Miscellaneous:

Names & Styles:

Assignment 1

Research & Reading:

  1. Books:
  2. Web pages
    1. Thomas Hawk,  Article from 2011:
    2. Thomas Hawk, Article from 2008:
    3. Cambrige in Colour, “DIGITAL PHOTO EDITING WORKFLOW”
    4. Case Study: An Example of One Photographer’s Workflow
    5. Picture Correct: Develop an Efficient Photography Workflow:
    6. RAW Workflow a Pro’s Approach
    7. David Wyatt, Digital Photography Workflow
    8. Photography Life, What is a Photography Workflow?
    9. Working the Flow
  3. Webinar Archive: From Camera to Delivery: Streamlining Your Digital Workflow with Gavin Gough,

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