My TAoP blog is here

I’ve been blogging for a while and wrote a few posts about me just to have discovered several weeks after publishing my self-introduction that it needed to be updated again.

There’s always something that stays the same: the year I was born, the year I graduated from college, the year I got married, the years I had my children, the year I got my first film camera, the year I got my digital camera.

There are lots of things that could be different tomorrow my interests, my aims, my plans. I love a structure in my life and I love routines, just to rebel one day and make a big mess to sort out. If there is no problem, it must be created to tackle it.

My dad tried to teach me how to take pictures, but I ended up with a broken camera. I got a fantastic camera just to realise that it’s too complicated for me to understand its controls without a guidance. I went to an evening class to learn about photography, just to listen to a lot of theoretical stuff that did not make any sense for me. We were expected to memorise a lot of fact without actually taking any pictures or even seeing any pictures. I bought a simple camera and learned how to take pictures by trial & error.

It was a simple half-frame Agat 18k.

 "Produced: 1988-1991
 Name: „Агат-18K“
 Producer: BeLomo
 Frame size: 18x24
 Lens: Industar-104 2.8/28
 Shutter: estimated by weather symbols." 
Source: http://www.sovietcams.com/index.php?1358727952

I enjoyed taking black & white pictures, developing films and printing my pictures until the coloured film and printing kiosks took over. The magic of seeing a picture emerging was no more available.

I got my first digital camera (Panasonic  DMC-FZ5) just a few days before we went on an unplanned holiday to a sea side to get over an early miscarriage. I took lots of pictures that week, but I did not catch a photography bug. Only a few years later, after I had my first child, I started taking pictures. I loved a simple camera of my Nokia N-73. I loved sharing precious moments of the first year of my son with my partner. A few months later, I came across an add and signed up for a 10-weeks photography course at the Open University. Finally, I understood how to use manual mode and I discovered that digital editing could be a big fun. I completed T189 in December 2007 (my panel of 10 could be find here) and then got my first DSLR for Christmas.

I’ve embarked on a long journey of learning digital photography. I started reading magazines: Digital Photo, PhotoPlus, Practical Photography. In 2010, I did the DSLR Skills course run by a team from Practical Photography. Later that year I joined the local photographic club and started taking part in its internal completions. Eventually, I decided to learn more about serious photography and signed up for a course at the Open College of the Arts.

My main interests in photography are active kids and still life.


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