Workflow: Inspirational Videos

Working on creating my own workflow, I’ve used ideas from a lot of sources. I’ve been lucky to come across two videos showing the inspirational photographer Sal Cincotta at work. He is a well known wedding and senior portrait photographer. However, those videos tell about his two creative personal projects.

Last summer I watched the first episode from Sal Cincotta’s series “Shoot 2 Sell” “MadMen 60s Shoot” and learned a lot about the process of organising a photo-shoot and more important I learned a lot about working with models in the actual photosession. It was very useful to see Sal & Taylor at work, to see how the pictures were created.

Sal is very passionate about photography and I love his energetic teaching style. I use every opportunity to learn from him, so when a  few days ago, I got an e-mail about his new project “Inspiration: Red Riding Hood”, I did not hesitate and I ordered the video immediately (especially, because of a nice discount).

Once again, it was useful watch how the photoshoot was organised and carried out. Although, I am not sure if I liked most of pictures from that project, I’ve learned a lot about how to work with the model and how to get the look the photographer was after. It was useful to see how Sal dealt with problems during the photo-session and what actions he tried to resolve them.

I saw how a good team could help a photographer implement his ideas into the images. Yes, I can take nice pictures of my kids or still life on my own, but it looks like any serious work is really a team job. I need to start building my own small team.


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