Assignment 1: A Small Change in my Plans

There are not many restrictions in the first assignment for the course: number of pictures and a type: landscape, portrait or  still life. I started thinking about my assignment relatively early (in the middle of November) and very quickly decided on the theme which was related to Christmas. I easily came up with several strong visual ideas about possible subjects those could be used to create a story with the required number of pictures.

After a few weeks working on the assignment and taking and retaking pictures, I realised that there was a flaw in my concept and the point of the emerging  story was really very weak. My story as I planned it did not have a really strong connection with a spirit of Christmas and started falling apart as I progressed with the pictures.

I had a choice to present my assignment as a collection of two unrelated groups of pictures or start my assignment again and create a picture story.  I noticed that it looks better to have a panel of connected pictures when all the pictures presented together, so I opted for a story. Luckily, my main story line was relatively logical. The only problem was  a time reference which was indicated by  two pictures, so I simply needed to find a better event or holiday and find the way to illustrate it photographically.

KidsCalendar-7237My kids’ perpetual calendar gave me an idea. Unfortunately, I could not use it in my project for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t feel that the design of the calendar was suitable for my story. Secondly, I could not locate all the parts of that calendar. However, I loved the idea of using wooden number blocks as a count-down, so now I’m trying to get hold of bit more suitable perpetual calendar.

Also, I needed to find a bit more suitable time reference and surprisingly there is an event that  might help me create a better story.  As result of this, I need to adjust my plans a bit, retake a few pictures and find an idea for the final image.


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