My Reading List for 2014

Christmas is a good time to get some new books. I added several books into my Christmas Wish list and now, I’m struggling to decide which book to read first. It looks like it might take me a few months to read all the books from cover to cover. The problem is that I need to read several of them now. I might use a kind of selective reading and read pages from different books on different days.

It is possible to divide my Christmas books in three big category:

  • Practical (books about a specific aspect of photography)
  • Inspirational (books that make me think and could help me understand myself better)
  • Analytical ( useful books to read about theoretical aspects of photography and art)

Group 1: Practical

  • Michael Freeman’s Photo School Fundamentals: Exposure, Light & Lighting, Composition by Michael Freeman ( its subtitle explains pretty well why I wanted this book)
  • Exposure and Understanding the Histogram by Andrew Gibson (since I’ve been struggling with getting pictures with certain histogram , I thought this book could give me that secret knowledge that would help me get the pictures I need)
  • Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography by NK. Guy ( I’ve decided that I really need to get used to taking pictures with flash and since I own a Canon flash, it would make sense to get a book that teach how to use Canon flash to light a subject)
  • Still Life Photography by Kevin Best ( I love still life, so it might be a good idea to learn more about it)
  • Tabletop Photography: Using Compact Flashes and Low-Cost Tricks to Create Professional-Looking Studio Shots by Cyrill Harnischmacher ( the subtitle of the book title explain pretty well why I wanted this book)
  • Michael Freeman’s Perfect Exposure by Michael Freeman
  • Pro Photographer’s D-SLR Handbook by Michael Freeman (a book from my course reading list and some people said that the whole course based on it, so it sounds like a must-have)

Group 2: Inspirational

  • Picture This: How Pictures Work by Molly Bang (this book has a good subtitle. If I understand how pictures work, I might be able to create pictures that could be on the wall in my friends leaving room. )
  • Letting Go of the Camera by Brooks Jensen ( I found this book in my amazon suggestions and a single review encouraged me to add it into my wishing list. The reviewer said that the book was enjoyable to read and this book helped him to find “an answer to a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I retired in 2007 – what is it I want to photograph?” Since I’m trying to find the answer to the same question, it might be worth reading this book.)
  • Ways of Seeing by John Berger (once again, this book was discovered through amazon suggestions. It has several good reviews)
  • Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson (I’d like to be a creative person, so this book sounds like a useful book for me. Also, I know that Bryan Peterson is a fantastic inspiring teacher.)
  • The Vision: The Art of Photography from Idea to Exposure by David Noton (I love the work of this photographer and I read his first book. Also, since my first module is on workflow, it might be interesting to learn about workflow of different photographers.)
  • Gregory Heisler by Gregory Heisler (This book was discovered through amazon suggestions and I thought that it could be useful for me learn how Gregory Heisler made “50 iconic portraits of celebrities, athletes and world leaders”. I read a few pages on Kindle and wanted to finish reading the book).

Group 3: Analytical

  • Basics Creative Photography 03: Behind the Image by Anna Fox (This is a book that highly praised in my favourite student group on Flickr. Also, one reviewer said that it “covers areas such as research sources, note taking and storage, referencing and the use of photography as a research tool – which was an eye opener” for him)
  • Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barrett ( I feel that I need to learn more about analyzing photographs to understand how I can improve my images)
  • Why Art Photography? by Lucy Soutter ( I read an article about a contemporary photography by Lucy Soutter in an issue of “Source” and wanted to learn a bit more about the subject. This book looked like a good place to start)
  • The mind’s eye by Henri Cartier-Bresson ( I was a bit surprised to come across this book, so I’m curious what one of the most influential photographers of the last century wanted to share with his audience)
  • The Education of a Photographer by Steven Heller (I was attracted to this book by its title. It’s interesting to find more)

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