Food for Thoughts

Trying to finish my research on still life, I opened the last links from my list and went to the still life pages of “Source”, the magazine for contemporary photography.  There, I came across a set of pictures that could have a significant influence on my set-ups for several pictures for Assignment 1. ( )

Pictures from “Dinner for One” by Martina Mullaney show a different way of presenting food. That way is a far cry from the traditions of modern food photography that rely on help of food stylists to create an increadible picture of something incredibly appetising that almost impossible to get in real life. However, there is something in the style of the pictures by Martina Mullaney that is appealing to me. 

Concentrating more on the background, Martina Mullaney changes the focus of the picture from “Look what I’m going to eat” to “Look where and how I eat my meal”. Also, she examines our relationships with food and ways to consume it. She is trying to draw our attention to the consequences of solitude of our meals. I believe that her pictures should be viewed only as a set. A single picture from a set could pose some questions, but might have a lesser impact on the viewer.


2 thoughts on “Food for Thoughts

    • Thanks Catherine. There’s a big danger for me to look up one more name or one more article. I can spend hours researching, but I really need to start taking pictures for my first assignment. Although, I might re-think set-ups for a few of them 🙂

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