Way to Protect Your Gear?

Happy Christmas everyone!

Father Christmas had a few surprises for me, so I need to take a few pictures of my new lenses today and submit them to Lenstag.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but I’ve started registering my photo gear at http://www.Lenstag.com . I came across that website while reading photo pages on Flipboard. Several months ago, there was an article about a new website that aims to “prevent the resale of stolen cameras, lenses & video equipment”. It makes easy for unfortunate photographers to inform Internet that their gear has got stolen. Also, it allows the potential buyers check if the item they’re interested in has been reported as stolen.

The process of registering any photographic related gear which has a serial number is very simple: take a picture of the serial number, fill the online form, attach your picture to it and submit. The staff is supposed to check on the picture and confirm that the item described matches the item in the picture, then the item is showed as own by you on your profile page. Simple… and it could be tricky if you don’t register your item straight away.

It’s very easy to inform the Internet about your stolen gear. In the case of a very unlucky event, you need to go to your profile and activate the red button “Stolen”. If someone searches for your serial number, they will be alerted.

The idea is fantastic, but it depends on too many ifs.
If you registry …
If you are able to report the problem immediately …
If your gear’s serial number is looked up by someone …

However, it looks like the idea and the website are becoming popular. Just a few days ago, I read about a new mobile app that gives people easy access to their Lenstag account. I got this free app on my iPad, so it’s time to go and try it out.


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