Frustration Time.

Probably, I’ve started

feeling really frustrated

and started thinking of

cancelling the course.


7 thoughts on “Frustration Time.

    • It’s just because of luck of contact.

      Actually, I’ve come up with an interesting idea for my first assignment and planned my first picture for next weekend.

    • I tend to start thinking about any my next assignment very early, when I am about half way through the projects.

      Surprisingly, it took me a few hours to decided on the subject and create a small story. When I thought about possible settings, I realised that some pictures could not be taking locally, so I started planning my photo-trips around family activities 🙂 I don’t think I can finished the first assignment before Christmas.

  1. Hey Etana, don’t give up! give it time, the frustration will pass, i live in south Korea and have little contact with other students, but reached out and created a small study group of likeminded students which really helps. it is good to hear you have ideas about your next assignment, it is great to plan ahead and planning is a good way to immerse yourself in your studies. at least see it through to the end of the module, then make a decision …

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