Notebook Magic

I could never image how it could be important for me to have the kind of right notebook for my learning log. When I started doing my first course at the OCA, I got a few notebooks, but, for some reason, I did not like writing in any of my them. Their pages were too white, or the lines were too blue, or the notebooks were too hard or they were too soft and so on. I ended up with a mess of  digital notes in my learning log.

This time I was going to to use a few tried and tested apps on my iPad to keep a digital learning log only. However, I’ve found a notebook I love.

MyEvernoteNotebook-7097I saw this notebook in a shop a long time ago and immediately fell for its textured cover. Unfortunately, it was so pricey that I could not justify buying it. However, I could not forget its lovely cover. I thought it would be interesting to take a picture of it for my texture collection.

The other special thing about that notebook was its integration with one of my favourite web services: Evernote. This notebook made by Moleskine had a very special paper that made it possible to search in the digital version of handwritten notes. However, even that could not persuade me to splash out 20 quid or so.

As I said I was going to get it one day, so every now and than, I checked on special offers for that notebook. Just when I was waiting for my course materials to arrive, I spotted that a large ruled Evernote notebook was on sale. Half price was probably the best offer I’d ever seen and taking into account that I would also get a few additional months to my current subscription to Evernote Premium and the new Evernote Document Camera offered an easy way to digitise notes in this notebook, I added it to my usual grocery order.

DPP-LL-B1-p01-15_0002I got the notebook and decided to try out Evernote’s Document camera. I made a few notes, took pictures of them and sent them into my account. Yes, I was able to search and find notes containg certain words, but it was hit and miss. I think the readability of handwriting  was the key to success. Also, Document camera was not really great for me. I found it a bit tricky to get a good picture with my iPad although the process of digitising notes looked so easy in the video on the  Evernote website.  Probably, scanning the pages can do a better job.

Surprisingly for me, I’ve made a lot of notes in the note book. It seems that I love writing in this notebook. The pages are not too white and  the lines are not too blue. It’s not too soft, it’s not too hard. It’s just right for me.


2 thoughts on “Notebook Magic

  1. I can certainly identify with the search for a perfect notebook – it’s a long road! I’ve ended up using different sized paper according to whether I’m writing notes at home or an exhibition. For P&P I then transferred them into an A4 post-bound folder, including images collected along the way and assignment notes. For this current course I intend to do the same but to make my own custom post bound folder. This has led me into having some sessions at a local book-binding/book arts class. I’m now obsessed with Japanese decorative paper; have bought various accessories and cleared a nice space ready to try to make all kinds of books. All I need to do now is to actually start on all this!

    • Thanks Catherine. I love Japanese paper too. 🙂
      I tried using A4 pages and kept them in folder, but it did not work for me 😦 Could not find the right paper, A4 pages were too big for me. I felt overwhelmed to start writing anything. I made such a big mess in my papers during my first course that eventually I’ve decided that it’s not worth my time and energy sorting it out.

      It’s interesting to learn about a possibility of a kind of DIY book-binding. I’ve recently to learn to mount my pictures, but probably book-binding is a far more practical skill.

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