Important Decision

Only a week ago, I was in two minds about my next course. There were two courses equally appealing to me: “Understanding Visual Culture” and “People & Place”. Before committing to one of them, I had a look at the courses at Level 2 to see where I would go next. Seeing that one of the courses (“Progressing with Digital Photography”) linked with a course on Level 1, I had a better look at “Digital Photographic Practice” (DPP): its content and learning outcomes.

Working on my first course (TAoP) at the OCA, I realised that I really needed to create a good workflow to be able to deal with the rapidly increased amount of pictures on my hard drive. Also, I needed to find an effective way to back up all my pictures and to make this process a part of my workflow. Also, I realised that I needed to learn more about printing to be able consistently get a good print from my first attempt.

The learning outcomes of DPP looked much more useful for me at that moment than the learning outcomes of the other two courses, so I made my mind and now I’m waiting for my course materials to arrive. 


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